Freund Freeze & Arnold regularly represents pharmacies and pharmacists as part of its specialization and professional and medical malpractice litigation.

Pharmacies and pharmacists, like all healthcare professionals and their insurers, require timely, aggressive, and thoughtful representation. The 2003 Tort Reform has provided some protection to the healthcare industry, but experienced representation through counsel remains necessary.

Our attorneys are well acquainted with the top experts in the field and have access to the resources necessary to properly defend negligence cases involving pharmacies and pharmacists. Our attorneys value exchange of information, and are active in the Ohio Association of Civil Trial Attorneys, the Society of Ohio Healthcare Attorneys, the American Board of Trial Advocates and other professional organizations.

We have defended healthcare professionals, pharmacies, and pharmacists successfully over the years in a variety of jurisdictions including Ohio, Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana, and the associated Federal Courts.

We serve as primary Ohio counsel for a national pharmacy as well as several hospitals, nursing homes, and panel counsel for a number of malpractice insurers.

We provide all services in this field ranging from pre-suit consultation and risk management, to litigation management of lawsuits through trial and appeal. The lawyers at Freund Freeze & Arnold have successfully represented pharmacies, pharmacists, and all healthcare professionals for over 20 years.